Winner International LLC



Winner International LLC is a completely trading & marketing company related to high quality Aluminium & glass construction related products in the region of Sultanate of Oman. Under the determined leadership of the Managing Partner, Mr. Anoop Thomas & his innovative, highly professional team has spread the company all over Oman within a short period of time. We are committed to offer high level of Customer Satisfaction. Right from the stage of tender enquiry, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs & offer right products for their requirements.

Our daily efforts focus on the best and most reliable Services in two directions: to our Customers and to our Principals. Our networks in all over the Kingdom of Oman enable us to provide both our customers and principals a quick and high-quality service. Our Principals are :


  • Bright S. A

  • Wacker

  • lilli Systems

  • Caldwell

  • Lavaal

  • Idomus

  • Alupro

  • Fenzai

  • Ozone

  • Polifilm

  • Cotswold